The holacracy comic book

Changing management technology with Holacracy©.

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Bernard Marie Chiquet, an expert on organisations, founder of the IGI Institute (now renamed Nova Consul) and certified Master Coach in Holacracy® (the highest level of certification), would like to offer you a new vision of work through a 111-page, 8-chapter comic strip.

Organisations have changed little or not at all since the beginning of the 20th century. The hierarchical and managerial model created by Frederick Taylor is still in place, even with Lean Management and the matrix system.

And yet, the environment of 2013 has nothing in common with that of Taylor’s or Ford’s time. Back then, Ford used to say: “You can choose any car you want, as long as it’s black“. That’s no longer possible today.

With the environment changing faster and faster, organisations are running behind the times, with the gap widening by the day, and they end up running out of steam.

It is more than necessary to change management technology, and holacracy is a new opening…


In this comic book on holacracy, you will discover :

  • Why difficulties in organisations persist, despite all the approaches developed over the last thirty years
  • A new form of management for automatic delegation, dynamic restructuring and managing people’s tensions: Holacracy
  • How to make organisations more agile and faster using Dynamic Steering
  • How to conduct Holacracy-specific Governance and Triage (Operations) meetings
  • Holacracy, a system for focusing energy on the organisation’s raison d’être (mission)
  • How to have clear authorities and creative spaces for entrepreneurship
  • And much, much more!

Throughout the book, the authors (Bernard Marie Chiquet, adapted into a comic strip by Etienne Appert) ensure that the message is precise, clear and illustrated with both examples and drawings.

Read the free comic strip