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Transforming the management of your company requires some essential prerequisites and a method that takes into account the specificities of the organization and its person Source.

After 15 years of supporting more than 150 companies towards holacracy and constitutional management, Nova Consul offers to co-build with you your roadmap for a unique transformation.

“The tool works. Everything is now fluid in terms of organisation. It’s even enabled people to speak out more freely.


Sébastien Di Pasquale
L’Atelier du Laser

The starting point: your vision

Co-building the transformation with the person Source

Before starting any managerial transformation project, we begin with clarification work, with the Source person – the one who carries the vision of the company, founder and/or manager -, of the current problems and challenges of the company, deep motivations that lead to this change, as well as limiting collective beliefs that could block the process.

This preliminary journey allows the Source person to quickly have a clear vision of the possible future of their structure, and to choose in an informed manner whether to initiate this transformation project or not.

Then, we co-construct with it the most suitable method to respond to it.


Following work on the prerequisites, comes work on the incremental and iterative construction of your new managerial framework, allowing the manager, managers and all employees to take charge.

You set the pace that suits you

You stay focused on your business, we handle the rest

We co-build the roadmap for your transformation

You use us to solve your managerial problems, without censoring yourself

You develop internal capabilities step by step to empower yourself

You gradually cease to be the bottleneck of your business

The roadmap includes several steps, to be adapted to your business:

Personal practitioner training Source

Develop your vision

Journey with the person Source

Co-build your transformation

Setting management in motion

Embark your management team on constitutional management

Getting employees moving

Consult and involve your employees in this transformation

Risk management and decision making

Integrate feedback from your employees and formalize the transformation decision

Encoding the company’s DNA

Translate your current structure into constitutional management


Train your internal facilitators


Develop your constitution and have it signed by ratifiers and associates


Launch all teams, support managers


Train your managers in managerial excellence


Mentor people with high potential and implement co-development

Internal coaches

Train your internal coaches and supervise them


Armed with your business challenges, develop your constitution and add new tools

Usual implementation cadence


1- Prerequisites

Executive onboarding (on the ins and outs); reason for being three-bladed; challenges & ambitions (and definition of a backlog); onboarding managers; employee awareness.


2- Preparation

Identification of business needs centered on the issues and risks, then definition of the appropriate tool (v1 creation of the tool in the constitution). Tool preparation work if necessary.


3- Planning

Definition of levels, indicators, integration of risks & issues.


4- Sprint


6 months.
Getting started through habits and nudges.


5- Débriefing

Debriefing, review and audit of the 6-month incremental.
Return to step 1.

Who is this journey for?

This journey is aimed at any manager who wishes to transform their company to move towards a different management mode, with distributed authority allowing each employee to become a leader and entrepreneur in their roles and to create professional customer-supplier relationships internally. .

The coached manager must also be the Source person of the company, the one who carries and embodies the vision and reason for being of the project.


To save time and have a sufficient level of understanding of constitutional management, we ask to follow the practitioner training course before working on the prerequisites.


Long-term follow-up



The success of your transformation is our priority, we follow you over the long term, even after the launch


We proactively fill one, or more, roles directly within your organization to ensure a successful transformation


Thanks to regular updates, you constantly benefit from the latest developments and research work of the institute


Avatar Philippe Pinault

“Everyone has an important place in the organisation, and the ability to change the organisation and everything that defines the way it works”.

Philippe Pinault, CEO - TalkSpirit/HolaSpirit (France) 20 p.

Avatar Ludovic Morand

“The choice of constitutional management, over and above the business dimension which is not negligible, was first and foremost a philosophical choice for us”.

Ludovic Morand, Associate Director - tebicom (Switzerland) 50 p.

Avatar Yanis Cottard

“As a company with a mission, it seemed essential to us to align our organisation with our commitments, wherever we are present in France and Europe, but also in China with our industrialisation centre in Shanghai”.

Yanis Cottard, Chairman - Altyor Group (France/China) 240 p.

Avatar Stéphane Harchies

“It was when I gave a few people more autonomy that I realised that their intrinsically hierarchical model was turning the organisation back towards a traditional model that I had wanted to abandon”.

Stéphane Harchies, Managing Director - NETiKA IT Services (Belgium) 21 p.

Avatar Isabelle Baur

“Everyone has something rich to express, and it’s a shame for a company to do without the richness that lies within each individual. Constitutional management allows people to really express their richness and move the company forward”.

Isabelle Baur, Chairman of the Management Board - Scarabée Biocoop (France) 200 p.

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