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With more than 15 years of experience and 150+ companies supported since 2008, of all sizes and in all sectors, Nova Consul (formerly iGi Institute) is the First Holacracy® Provider in the world and the creator of Constitutional Management®.

Training or being supervised by Nova Consul is the guarantee that your project will benefit from cutting-edge research tools and methodologies, as well as from an educational depth that only radical field experience can shape.

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Centre for applied research

Founded by Bernard Marie CHIQUET in 2008 to push Holacracy to its limits, Nova Consul (formerly iGi Institute) has always had in its DNA a radically pragmatic approach centered on the creation of values. Far from dogmas and inspiring but inapplicable theories, the institute shapes its tools and models in the field, alongside managers and teams, then transmits them to pioneers so that they can use them in turn.

With the highest level of certification in Holacracy (Master Coach -only a handful in the world-), the invention of Constitutional Management, more than 150 organizations supported since 2008, more than 1500 people trained, a recommendation rate (NPS) of 87% on average, Nova Consul approaches training as a tool for the transformation of its clients, which gives it a unique perspective.

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